Product: Vault Professional

Challenge: Non-compliant Equivalence Error

There are a few different reasons that an object in the Vault can be non-compliant. One of the reasons for non-compliance is equivalence. Equivalence verifies that a mapped UDP and the source have the same value. If the file has the non-compliance equivalence status then that means there is a difference between the two values.


There are two options to resolve this issue:

  • Option 1: Property sync
  • Option 2: Check out and open file in native CAD tool. This will update the file properties. Save and then check back in. 

Option 1: Property Sync

  • Select the file to sync
  • Click on Actions tab
  • Click on Synchronize Properties

Option 2: Check out/in

  • Select file to get/check out
  • Right click and select get/check out
  • Open file and save
  • Check in file

Here is link to learn about properties in Vault.

Please let us know if you have additional questions on this subject!

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