We hope you have enjoyed our complimentary session on Sketching Best Practices!

This is just one example from our Productivity recordings available to KETIV customers with a support subscription.  There is a whole library of focused recordings like this on varying topics based around the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.  

What is Productivity Training?

Productivity Training on-demand topic specific recording based on Autodesk Design & Manufacturing Software. Check out the list of available recording below. This program is exclusive for customers who have purchased one of our KETIV Support Packages.

Accessing the Productivity Library

This program is exclusive for customers who have purchased one of our KETIV Support Packages.  If your company does have a support contract, please create a ticket and ask the agent to verify and invite you to the portal.  If you do not have support, create a ticket and we will let you know how to subscribe and start learning right away!

Available Recordings

Inventor Core

•    Inventor Sketching Best Practices (Time: 3:04 hrs.)

•    Inventor Advanced Documentation (Time: 3:26 hrs.)

•    Everything You Need to Know About Inventor Certification (Time: 2:32 hrs.)

•    Large Assembly Management in Inventor (Time: 2:40 hrs.)

•    Inventor Presentations (Time: 2:36 hrs.)

•    Tube & Pipe Essentials (Time: 3:15 hrs.)

•    Visualization and Rendering (Time: 2:37 hrs.)

•    Frame Generator (Time: 3:22 hrs.)

•    Inventor Freeform Modeling (Time: 2:21 hrs.)

•    How to Optimize and Reuse Existing Designs (Time: 3:14 hrs.)

•    Inventor Parametric Modeling Best Practices (Time: 1:56 hrs.)

Inventor Workflows

•    Bill of Materials (Time: 3:35 hrs.)

•    Inventor Content Center (Time: 3:01 hrs.)

•    Sheet Metal Design for Manufacturing (Time: 2:27 hrs.)

•    Where to Begin with Finite Element Analysis (Time: 3:05 hrs.)

•    Facility Layout and Space Planning (Time: 3:10 hrs.)

•    Create a Digital Factory Model to make Informed Decisions (Time: 2:47 hrs.)

•    Using the Styles Editor in Inventor (Time: 2:07 hrs.)

•    Design Optimization through Generative Design (Time: 2:14 hrs.)

•    Thermal Simulation: A Fundamental Deep Dive (Time: 2:52 hrs.)

•    From Setup to G-Code in Inventor CAM (Time: 3:01 hrs.)

•    Inventor Professional 2022 Model States (Time: 1:48 hrs.)

Data Management and Collaboration

•    Vault Data Loading (Time: 1:52 hrs.)

•    Fusion Team and Vault (Time: 1:21 hrs.)

•    Utilizing New 2021 Inventor/Vault Tools to Optimize your Workflow (Time: 1:14 hrs.)

•    Vault Categories, Lifecycle, Rev (Time: 2:46 hrs.)

•    Effective Design Collaboration with BIM Collaborate Pro (Time: 3:07 hrs.)

AutoCAD With Specialized Toolsets

•    AutoCAD Block Management and Dynamic Blocks (Time: 3:19 hrs.)

•    Utilizing the Catalog in AutoCAD Electrical (Time: 2:22 hrs.)

•    Create Custom Content in AutoCAD Electrical (Time: 2:40 hrs.)


•    Inventor iLogic- Starting from Scratch (Time: 2:39 hrs.)

•    Advanced iLogic (Time: 2:53 hrs.)

•    Create Inventor Add-Ins for Automating Designs (Time: 2:53 hrs.)

•    Configuring Assemblies Using iLogic (Time: 2:55 hrs.)

KETIV will be adding content to this list based on customer feedback, so let us know what you would like to see! Contact nicole.morris@ketiv.com with your questions about this program and suggested topics.