Due to heightened security, government users are not able to connect to a network or internet.  We recommend that they use a Local Licensing method which will require a subscription to a multi-user license and a utility for Local Licensing. Instructions on how to help these customers are in included here. 


Communication with Government Employees

Since government employees will not have access to internet, you will need to use only phone, email or facetime.

You can create a One Drive that has all of the downloads they will need, but users will need to acquire this outside of their office, from home or secure location and bring in on a thumb drive.

Here are the files they will need in a One drive folder, shared with a link.

  • .lic license file (instructions to generate are below}
  • Local License utility
  • software that is being licensed
  • Updates for Software being installed
  • Current LM Tools just in case

Create the Local License

This is done the same way you would create a multi-user license. if the user is the Contract Manager, they can generate the license at home, via manage.autodesk.com  or we can generate for them via Autodesk. 

How to find the hostname and physical address | Network License Administration | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Install the Local License Utility

Please refer to the attached document for instructions on how to install and activate this utility

"Autodesk Local Licensing Guide.pdf"

Also attached:
Autodesk Local Licensing FAQ.pdf

Autodesk Subscription Options for US Government 2019 1-1.pdf

Please let us know if you need further assistance!

KETIV Support Team | support.ketiv.com | 866.465.3848