If you would like to get started right away but do not yet own a product, or you are waiting on your order, you can download and install almost all of the Autodesk products, with the exception of products only available as network licenses.

Almost All of Autodesk Products are available for a 30 day trial with a few exceptions including products that are currently only available as network license. 

Even if Autodesk products are not listed on your account, you can download most products through the Autodesk Virtual Agent.

To use Virtual Agent to get older versions,

  1. Sign in with your Autodesk Account
  2. Use the Quick Link options>Download Autodesk Products
  3. Choose I have an existing license
  4. Choose Multiple Computers
  5. Continue with AVA
  6. Enter Product  (ie Inventor Professional)
  7. Select Year
  8. Download the provided files. (if multiple files are provided, download all, extract only the first, for example 001 of 003, it will extract the others automatically.

These trials are the full version of the products and will run for 30-days .

Stand-alone licensing - When you purchase the product or your administrator has assigned a license, you can select Sing in with your Autodesk ID and your product will be activated.  Administrators can watch the "Admin Tour" on the manage.autodesk.com Home Page

Multi-user or Network Licensing - If your company has network licenses, you can select use a network license and purchases a network license, you can enter the host ID provided by your network license administrator.

See Solutions section for articles on setting up Network licensing.

Let us know if you need help!

KETIV Support Team | support.ketiv.com | 866.465.3848